As a driver, you should be aware that eye conditions can affect your vision and your ability to drive safely. If you drive when your vision falls short of the legal standards, you would be compromising your own and other drivers’ safety. A good vision (from far) is essential to anticipate the movements of vehicles, pedestrians and also to read road signs. Overcome the problems to keep yourself and others safe.

Some tips to keep yourself safe on the road:

  • Take a break when you feel tired to give your eyes some rest and to improve your concentration
  • Ensure that you check your eyesight every 2 years, or as soon as you experience visual discomfort
  • If you wear glasses, choose anti-glare treatment to reduce headlights glare from cars and provide clearer vision
  • Wear sunglasses (with polarizing lenses) for visual comfort when driving in the sun

*** Choose your sunglasses wisely. Class 4, the darkest lenses which are useful in case of very strong sunshine are prohibited behind the wheels!